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Christine Beard Lima Peru 2014
Christine Beard Lima Peru 2014

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Reviews & Press

"Wow, what a monumental performance! I must confess, yours is my favorite version of [Cordero's] Concerto, so far. Thanks so much for such an honorable representation of this wonderful piece.

- Josué Casillas, Principal Flute, Orquesta Sinfónica de Puerto Rico

(Review of my performance of "Concerto Boríken" by Ernesto Cordero,

broadcasted during the Puerto Rico Flute Symposium, June 2021)

"You are a beautiful musician. You really captured the feeling and the story that was in my mind when I wrote this piece. Your playing is haunting and beautiful."

- Amanda Harberg, composer, USA (Review of my

performance of "Hall of Ghosts", recorded July 2020)

"[Christine] not only has a beautiful tone and phrasing, but the capacity to reveal the deep soul of a composition."

- Martin Rokeach, composer, USA (January 2019)

"A beautiful interpretation."

- Ernesto Cordero, composer, Puerto Rico (Review of my performance

of his Concerto Boríken, performed with OPSA in Brazil, April 2017)

"...the long lines of the second movement drew a warm lyricism from her."

- Roz Trübger, BFS journal Pan (Review of my performance at the
2014 British Flute Convention; August 2014)

"Excellent performance; despite being from a country other than ours, she demonstrated all the expression of an Andean Musician."

- Sergio Silva, Peruvian musician (Review of my performance of a traditional
Andean piece
 at the 2014 Peruvian International Flute Festival; May 2014)

"Great expressive tone and range...a heartfelt interpretation."

- Christopher Caliendo, Composer, USA (Review of my performance of his "Lamento"
for piccolo and piano 
at the 2013 Canadian Flute Convention; Jul 04, 2013)

"A thrilling performance! It was the definitive version of Davidovsky for me."

- Peter Sheridan, Low Flutes Specialist, Australia (Review of my performance of
"Synchronisms No. 1 for flute and tape" 
by Mario Davidovsky at the
2012 NFA Convention in Las Vegas, NV; Aug 15, 2012)

"Her performance [of Charke's Lachrymose] shatters any notions that the piccolo might be lacking in deep, expressive powers."

- Nancy Nourse, Flute Focus (Review of my performance of Charke's "Lachrymose"

at the 2011 European Piccolo Festival in Slovenia; Apr 28, 2012)

"A beautiful performance [of Lachrymose] really captured the essence of the work. Bravo!"

- Derek Charke, Composer, Canada (Review of my performance of Charke's "Lachrymose"

at the 2011 European Piccolo Festival in Slovenia; Sep 03, 2011)

"Clearly an expert clinician."

- Suzanne Wray, President, Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia (2007) 


- Evgenie Nesterenko, Sochi News 2005, Volume 22, page 11 (Review of my performance of the Concerto for Piccolo, Op. 50 by Lowell Liebermann; Sochi, Russia; 2005)

"Christine gave a beautiful rendition of Concertino for Flute and Wind Ensemble by Keith Gates, which brought the audience to its feet in a standing ovation."

- The Kildare Nationalist (Naas, Kildare Co., Ireland; May 2004)


- Michael Barnes, The Austin-American Statesman (Austin, TX; 2001)

" incisive performance."

- Scott Cantrell, The Dallas Morning News (Dallas, TX; 2000)