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Christie's Favorite Links

Inspirational retreat for musicians focusing on improving elements of the mind, movement and music

Homepage for the duo featuring American flutist Christine Beard & Brazilian guitarist Daniel Wolff

International piccolo festival featuring piccolo specialists from around the globe, hosted by Christine Beard at the campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha

The new PiccoloHQ is under construction, but you can still visit the old page through this link!

Sankyo Flutes

Sankyo flutes hold a secret within their walls. The extraordinary sound of a flute will come to life when it is played and loved by someone who matches it.

Julio Hernandez Flutes

Luthier of beautiful wooden headjoints for the Boehm flute and piccolo, as well as full Baroque flutes (Argentina)


Excellent flute and piccolo headjoints in a variety of exotic woods and precious metals, crafted by Toby Mancke (Germany)

Flute World

Largest retailer of flutes and flute accessories in the USA (located in MI)

Carolyn Nussbaum

Another large flute and flute accessories shop (located in TX)

Flute New Music Consortium

Terrific organization that commissions and promotes new music for flute

Homepage for the NFA

Homepage for the Canadian Flute Association

Homepage for the BFS

Toronto Latin American Flute Festival

Annual festival held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that features and promotes music for flute by Latin American composers

Professional wind band who performs Victorian-Era music on authentic vintage instruments made prior to 1900

International festival held in Minnesota which features historic and vintage bands from around the world

Contemporary music festival held annually in Omaha, NE

Homepage of an inspiring flutist and friend; co-founder of the Whole Musician

Another close flute friend who I find inspiring; founder of Flauti al Castello (summer flute course in Italy)

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